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Purple Martin Birdhouses – 3 Things You Should Know Before Buying

Many people love to provide homes for wild birds during different times of the season. This is often called "landlording". Purple Martin houses are a favorite of many, but this particular bird is definitely difficult to attract.

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It can be done though, and in fact, it is vital that it be done, as safe housing is absolutely essential to the survival of the purple martin – especially in the United States and Canada.

1. People who are new at this tend to believe that putting up the bird house just before their seasonal arrival should suffice. However, this isn’t totally true. Adult martin will very rarely give up a residence they have already settled in to.

birdhouses purpple martinYoung martins just finding their wings, are more likely to be the ones searching for a nice place to live. But it is essential to realize that they won’t begin showing up until about 30 days after their full adult counterparts.

2. So be sure to put up your new residence within that time frame. Also keep in mind that it also can take several seasons to establish a healthy colony. Patience is a requirement here.

3. Location matters too, especially for a Purple Martin house. It should be within a reasonable proximity of your house, and not in or near a tree. Seek out assistance in getting the birds to settle, such as audio recordings and decoys.

Above all, make it fun! Becoming a landlord to a large group of wild birds can be frustrating at times, but it’s definitely worthwhile.

Author: Donovan Sparks

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birdhouses for purple martins

Purple Martin Bird Houses

I just got a purple martin bird house. Finally! Now the purple martins are already back in the United States and have selected their nesting sites, having babies and all that stuff you want purple martins to do in your yard.

The Purple Martin Connection

The designs and specifications of Purple Martin birdhouses continue to change as we learn more about these wonderful birds. The large, mansion-like houses, made of wood, plastic, aluminum, or some combination of these.

Purple Martins

There is a HUGE purple martin birdhouse at an elementary school near our home. It’s so interesting to see so many of them poking their little heads out of those holes and fluttering around.

Purple Martin

Griggsville has installed over 5000 birdhouses along the fef city streets, including a 562-apartment high rise, reaching a height of 70 ft.

Gourd – Birdhouse

Large pear-shaped 10 in. fruit have smooth skin and can be dried and used as birdhouses for Purple Martin, Bluebird or Wren. Harvest green and dry with good circulation for several months. Clean the outside with a bleach bath.

How to Construct A Purple Martin Bird House

Martins are sometimes difficult to attract, but it’s easier if you have some well constructed purple martin bird houses in place. Well-shaded lawns with big trees are poor habitats. It may take a year or two to attract martins.

Controlling Purple Martin Competitors

Starling resistant entry holes are of a particular size and shape that keep starlings out, while not giving the martins a problem at all. Many purple martin birdhouses are deeper than they were in years past.

Attracting Purple Martins to your Martin Birdhouse

How you layout your garden area has a big impact on the effectiveness of your Purple Martin Birdhouse.

Gardens a Great Place for a Purple Martin Birdhouse

A look at how to arrange your backyard to make it a great place to build a new Purple Martin Bird House.

Peace, Love, and Purple Martins

Generally, a group of purple martins living in a birdhouse (or birdhouses) is referred to as a “colony”, not a “commune”, but you get the idea. Purple martin birdhouses are of two varieties. Most often, they are mansion-like apartment.

Purple Martin Houses

Purple martins are beautiful and graceful birds. They are much sought after by people who love having feathered visitors in their backyards. These birds are also very beneficial as they are said to eat thousands of mosquitoes in one day.

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