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Purple Martin Bird House Condos

Purple Martin Birdhouse Condos

For better or worse, one particular bird species has come to depend on the type of housing that humans provide for their nesting and reproductive needs. For this reason, it is vital that you understand the importance of providing the right kind of Purple Martin bird house.

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While most bird houses are one room, single occupancy type of places, others, often called cathedrals or churches, are much larger and can shelter dozens and dozens of birds.

But Purple Martins actually like condos!

Amazing it may seem, these birds prefer the company of others, but also seem to want their own separate living space. Most martin houses accommodate 12-15 birds. There are usually several levels, and each bird has its own separate living quarters within the larger unit.

Martins often return to their bird house for multiple seasons once they become comfortable. This of course comes with the understanding that their homes must remain clean, in good condition, and free from any potential predators.

Later in the season, the real payoff comes for many – watching the babies spread their wings for the first time as they struggle to learn to fly. The joy of seeing a young bird soar confidently through the air for the very first time is a nearly indescribable experience for many.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of all is having the knowledge that you have helped (in a large way) to continue to propagation and survival of this beautiful species, and will be paid back with many happy hours of watching your beloved tenants happily go about living a big portion of their lives right in your backyard.

Author: Donovan Sparks

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Purple Martin Bird House

But I like learning new skills and I like challenges :) . This summer I decided to make a Purple Martin bird house for one old man. He use to have two of those, so I decided to make him happy and build bird house for him.

Controlling Purple Martin Competitors

It is absolutely imperative for Purple Martin bird house owners to perform regular, thorough nest checks to help ward off these pests. For the average person, though, it is not possible to actively monitor their Purple Martin house all …

A Purple Martin Bird House

Note that the plan calls for nailing a 3/4-inch strip onto the boards which are the ends of the house. his makes the 11 1/2-inch board the full 12 1/4 inches necessary to make the rooms 6 x 6 inches.

Purple Martin Condo

Martins are sometimes difficult to attract, but it’s easier if you have some well constructed purple martin bird houses in place. Well-shaded lawns with big trees are poor habitats. It may take a year or two to attract martins.

Purple Martin Bird Houses « Backyard Bird Watching

I just got a purple martin bird house. Finally! Now the purple martins are already back in the united states and have selected their nesting sites, having babies and all that stuff you want purple martins to do in your yard.

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