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Gourd Birdhouses How To

Gourd Bird Houses: A Step-By-Step Guide

Gourd Bird Houses: A Step-by-step Guide To Making The Best Gourd Bird House

Many bird houses are available on the market today. In fact, no matter what design you think of, there probably is one already on sale right now. However, the best bird houses are still those that are made at home.

There are several materials you can use to construct your own homemade bird house. Some people use wood or metal, but the easiest to construct is made of gourd. Gourds are hard-skinned fleshy fruits that are related to cucumbers and squash, but they are not edible.

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Like the squash, gourds are abundant during Halloween season, which is from mid-October to early November. These fruits are commonly used as hollowed-out bowls or cups or other dried home decors such as organic bird houses.

gourd crafts for the first timeGourd bird houses are very simple to create. Even small children are capable of making these homes for birds. If you are new to making gourd bird houses, just follow these simple steps and you will soon have your own gourd bird house.

1. Select a gourd. Gourds come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Choose the right size for the species of bird that you want to house. Typically, the larger the gourd, the better bird house it will make.

2. Upon choosing your gourd, cut out a hole from the side. It is important to do this when the gourd has not dried up yet. This hole will serve as the entryway of your gourd bird house.

3. Carefully take out the fleshy part of the gourd. This process requires a lot of concentration. Make sure you do not puncture the walls of the gourd. You may find it helpful to use some tools for carving out your gourd. The best equipment to use for this would be your regular scissors, tweezers, or even small spoons.

4. If you want to add a roost, gently carve out a smaller hole under the entryway, and insert a stick or branch through this hole. If you have a hard time creating a hole, you can slit short perpendicular lines instead, resembling a cross, and you can also push your stick or branch through this opening. Either method will work just as well.

5. Let your gourd bird house dry up. Once dry, you can put it up anywhere in your garden and soon, you will be rewarded by the sight of birds landing and resting on your new gourd bird house.

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How To Make Gourd Birdhouses

Both adults and children will enjoy this project. Fun easy project to do.

The Simple Process In Constructing Gourd Bird House

You will need certain equipments and tools to construct gourd bird house. You will require such tools, like a power drill, and eye screw.

Gourd Bird Houses

One of the more popular types of decorative birdhouses is a gourd bird house. Instead of looking like a human house, they look more like the real natural habitat of the birds.

Make a Gourd Bird House

Make your own ghostly project with just a gourd and some paint. Simple yet scary! Building birdhouses is one of those classic things to do with your hands.

Martin Gourds And Gourd Bird Houses

The Native Americans quickly learned that hanging more gourds meant fewer flying insects. Purple Martins started to rely on the artificial bird houses provided by humans today.

Gourd Bird Houses – How to Make a Gourd Birdhouse

This is to give way for the wire that will be used to hang the bird house. Being closer to the birds is not a difficult task. Again, you only need the gourd at hand and some handy skills. Build a gourd bird house and the birds will come.

Organic Natural Gourd Bird Feeder

A natural way to feed your favorite birds. It’s large enough to allow several birds to dine together but small enough to keep out the larger birds.

Gourd Bird Houses

There are lots of styles of birdhouses to choose from so it is all up to your choice. There are birdhouses that look like real houses, there are gourd bird houses and more.

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