gourd birdhouse art

gourd bird house art

Gourd Art For Gourd Bird Houses

Here is a great little article on gourd art the you can apply to gourd birdhouses. The video gives some great tips on painting your bird house gourds.

Look at some of these unique designs:

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If you’ve never heard of it, gourd art is the practice of creating works of art on dried gourd shells. This art is based on a technique called pointillism. It’s a very interesting and creative type of work and I’ve have the fortunate experience of meeting a gourd artist.

gourd art projectsIn gourd art, the surface of the gourd may be burned, sanded, carved, dyed or polished to create a different look as well as to be able to paint and otherwise decorate the gourd. If you don’t want to prepare them yourself, you can purchase those that are already cleaned, smoothed and prepared for creating fine art gourds.

This is similar to or a type of pyrography. Pyrography is the art of decorating wood or other materials with burn marks. These burn marks are done intentionally with a hot object such as a poker. You may have also heard of it called pokerwork or wood burning.

When it comes to decorating gourds, there is no end to what can be created. There are as many types of artists as there are types of gourds and what they do with this craft is astounding. Gourd art is no longer considered just a craft but an actual art form that is featured in museums across the world.

gourd art how toIn addition to the actual art and design that is made on the gourd itself, people are also stretching their imaginations and doing many other great things with gourd art. For example, they are making bird houses, bird feeders and many other creative things from gourds.

The best part about of using gourds for art is that anyone can do it. Even if you didn’t know what a gourd was before this, you can decorate your own special creation.

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Can Art be Taught?

Birdhouses, unbelievable birdhouses, macabre dolls hanging dead from trees, gourd art with faces wearing hats of tin and dangling glass earrings, tacky popsicle stick lamps, painted chairs, tables, benches that defied explanation. 

Rossville Lady Is Award-Winning Gourd Artist

Birdhouses were the first of her gourd creations, and she branched out from there. "I never held a paintbrush until 2000," Delaina said. She thought she might like gourd art, so in 1995 she grew her first gourds.

Gourd Birdhouse Art – Making Gourd …

Would you like to enjoy the enchantment of birds in your backyard? Then why not make them a gourd-geous birdhouse? Working with hard-shell gourds is an ancient art that is becoming increasingly popular as a contemporary art form.

Preparing A Birdhouse Gourd

I’m going to keep trying, though, because I want to do gourd art and birdhouses. Helen. Reply dar, on June 4th, 2009 at 3:08 pm Said: awesome …we have these out at the camp and have purple martins everywhere :-)

Vegetable Art Starts With A Gourd Idea

“I had grown some birdhouse gourds, so I had this box of nasty-looking gourds taking up space in my shed,” Hosch recalled. “Faced with the option of either tossing them out or doing something fun with them, I chose the latter.

10 Things to do with a Gourd

Gourd pyrography is the art of creating burned designs on the outside of a gourd. Provided the gourd is dry the shell can be scarred with burning or pa fef inted with food dyes or ochre paints. These can be turned into objet d’arts to adorn.

Birdhouse Gourd Art

Birdhouse Gourd Art. Look what you can do with the Bottle Gourds! I found these on Flickr, and asked the artist if I could post some of her creations on my blog, and she, sure. Thanks Hope. I am so in love with the Flamingo.

The Art Of Woodburning

I love the idea of using birdhouse gourds to woodburn on. I planted them last year, and I have oodles of them in the basement just waiting for something to be done with them. Maybe I will give my dad a few of those to get creative with!

Gourd Art: Paint An Autumn Bowl

Dried gourds are often used for birdhouse. Today we are going to focus on making bowls. Both are great and can be given as gifts for the holidays. Once dry they are very durable and accept paint and shellac easily.

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