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Decorative Gourd – What Can You Do With A Gourd?

A decorative gourd is one that is unique and artistic. Along with creating unique gourd birdhouses there are many different types of gourd crafts you can do. This article will give you several ideas to keep you busy.

Here are some examples of bird houses made from gourds to get your imagination going:

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gourd artworkFirst of all: What is a gourd? The simple answer is that a gourd is a vegetable related to pumpkins and squash and when dried has a shell that is dense and hard.

You are probably wondering why you would want to do anything with a gourd anyway. Another simple answer: Because it is so much fun!

The extensive varieties and different shapes available allow for endless possibilities for the crafter to unleash their creativity.

Gourds can be useful, decorative, or both. They can be compared to a wood product, and the same type of tools, hardware and stains or finishes used for wood can be applied to gourds. Crafters also experiment with about everything under the sun to see what all they can use successfully on gourds, and then they love to share the results with all their fellow gourd crafting friends.

Here are just a few ideas: Cut, carve, burn, paint, dye, or stain them. Join pieces together, add embellishments, weave, coil, wrap and so much more that I can’t list them all. Mix and match to create an endless list of possibilities. In fact, many gourd crafters have such long lists of ideas they feel they can never get them all finished. Before they get very far down the list they have added a multitude of new ideas to it.

But gourds aren’t just for crafting. Many artists take a beautifully shaped gourd and use it as their canvas to create amazing works of art. There are some that sell for top dollar.

For ideas and information on how to get into the fun of gourds you can start by going to the website of the American Gourd Society.

Author: Martha Bloom

Martha Bloom: grower and crafter of gourds. Find gourds, ready to craft when they arrive at your door.

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10 Things To Do With A Gourd

A fairy candle placed inside illuminates the gourd and while it may be most expected of a pumpkin, candles are quite a decorative use of gourds and their different shapes and sizes lend very well to this.

Good Gourd!

Not to mention, it puts those colorful, decorative gourds you bought around Halloween to a good and practical use. I used a combination of butternut, acorn, and carnival squash.

Gourd – Small Warted Mix

Gourd small warted mix. This decorative mixture contains a pleasing variety of shapes and color combinations. Some have solid colors while others are multicolored in either random or striped patterns. All are small and very warted.

Decorative Gourd Art & Crafts Ideas : Tips for Drawing on Gourds

Learn how to draw on gourds for decorative gourd art in this free online video arts and crafts lesson.

Decorative Gourd Art

Arizona artists Jim and Evelyn Schupp use natural materials, such as feathers, stone, wood and leather, to create their beautiful embellished gourds. 

Grow Your Own Natural Crafting Supplies

Fall Harvest Decorations–I’m thinking decorative gourds, miniature pumpkins, and Indian corn here. Cornhusk dolls would also be pretty awesome, in a retro way. Hmmm…What would you grow in your crafty garden?

Prepare Gourds for Fall Decoration

Small decorative gourds are as much a part of the fall decoration as pumpkins and fef Indian corn. The small gourds have a fairly thick flesh, and must be hardened properly so they will not deteriorate while still in the fall decorations.

Quick & Easy Gourd Crafts

Carve, burn, wax, varnish, and color gourds with all kinds of paints, dyes, oils, and markers to work their smooth, three-dimensional surfaces. Make toys, planters, boxes, birdhouses, lamps, holiday items, and more.

Making Gourd-geous Birdhouses

Since gourds come in many different shapes and sizes, they can be used to make numerous decorative artifacts. Unlike the small, thin-skinned decorative gourds, hard-shell ones – once dried – harden and last forever.

Preparing A Birdhouse Gourd

So this post is for them and anyone else who may be interested in birdhouse gourds. These are birdhouse gourds, after drying over the winter.

Birdhouse And Bowl Gourds

Gourd-filled tepee is an impressive sight, believe me, and once the gourds have been harvested, dried (i hung mine in the attic for a long, new england winter) and scrubbed clean they can be turned into decorative bowls.

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