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Birdhouse Gourd Seeds – Growing Green Birdhouses

Birdhouse Gourd Seeds And Growing Gourds

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It is everyone’s duty to do all they can to save the environment, the planet is our home and we need to do everything possible to preserve our resources and the animals living on the planet. However, there is no reason who you should not make lots of money in the process.

Sometimes it is hard for the birds to find enough material to build a home. You can provide great green housing and make money at the same time. In the spring of the year, when everyone is getting their garden ready for planting, you will need to purchase some seeds for gourds. Follow the instructions and plant the seeds.

gourd seed companiesIt will be necessary to water, weed and cultivate your gourd plants. It is only a matter of time when the gourds begin to form. There are many different types of gourds, for instance crookneck gourds are great for making birdhouses and hanging them in the trees. There are other types that can be used to attach to posts.

When your gourd is mature and you can cut it from the plant and set it aside. There are two ways to make a birdhouse from a gourd, you can set it aside and allow it to dry before you make a whole in it. The other method allows you to cut a whole in the gourd and scrape out some of the insides, which can be put out for the birds to eat. However, this material may not last as long as a dried gourd. Making a birdhouse is a great way to do your part and make lots of money.

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Kids Can Grow a Gourd Garden This Summer

Parents don’t need a green thumb to have fun growing gourds with their children. Here’s an outdoor activity the whole family can enjoy.

Saving Biedhouse Gourd Seeds

If it was a gourd you grew, what it dry before it was left to freeze? Maybe you live in a zone that doesn’t freeze. That wouldn’t be a concern then. Freezing the gourds before the seeds dry will cause poor germination.

The Growing of Gourds and More Gourds

I planted gourd seed into each "hill" of well mixed soil using the five-finger method. Extend your fingers and thumb so they are about 1/2 inch apart and press five holes into the dirt. Drop one gourd seed into each hole and cover.

Birdhouse Gourd Seeds

I planted five of the Bird House Gourd seeds just to the right of the remaining trellis. I have enjoyed reading about the gourds being made into Martin houses.

Gourd Seeds Wings And Warts

You will get all sorts of colors and shapes with this seed collection. It is all the more fun when you don’t know exactly what will come up. Plant these in full sun in early spring.

Gourd Water Drums, Rattles, and Rainsticks

Kids can make gourd rattles from birdhouse gourds, marakas, dippers, or even small ornamentals. Sometimes, the gourd seeds inside make enough noise on their own.


The packages for the gourd seeds said they would sprout in 5-10 days. The first batch I put individual seeds in about 2 inches of soil. The second patch I put two seeds each in four inches of soil.

Getting Back to the Basics!

Tayah asked me, sincerely, to plant the gourd seeds with her. I explained that it was far too chilly to plant gourd seeds in January, but if the seeds survived without molding until March we would plant the seeds in our garden.

How to Plant Gourds This Spring

From soaking gourd seeds to setting up a garden and planting young vines, here’s what musicians need to know to get the seeds for their musical instruments in the ground.

Grow Birdhouse Gourds

The yellow-flowering gourds (Cucurbit spp.) are the thin-skinned and used as colorful decorations. You can purchase birdhouse gourd seeds from local nurseries or seed catalogs.

Miracle of Growing Seeds

It doesn’t matter if it is a very tiny little black speck of a seed, or the larger pumpkin, squash or gourd seeds. To me each one that sprouts is a miracle.

The Easy Step in Designing Gourd Bird House

Later, you will need to drill the hole into the gourd. Once that is complete, you have to clean out the inside of the gourd. It is very essential to wear a mask when into gourds.

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