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Attract More Birds With BirdHouse Gourds 

Bird house gourds are fun way to attract and enjoy many different types of small birds. Here’s an interesting article reviewing bird house gourds.

Gourd birdhouses are a great way to replace natural habitat for many native songbirds. Many of these types of birds prefer to build their nests in the cavities of trees. In areas where trees are lost due to urban development and logging there are far fewer places for these birds to nest.

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Birds actually will prefer to nest in a gourd over a manufactured birdhouse. The inside of the gourd, if some of the dried material and seeds are left, provides some nesting material and is much more natural than a plastic or resin type birdhouse.

Gourds can make very decorative birdhouses. They can be left natural by just cleaning off the loose skin and sanding the outside to make a very attractive rustic type birdhouse. On the other hand, gourds are very easy to decorate in just about any way that suits your fancy. Many artists love to work with gourds and designs can be handpainted on them, or by using woodburning tools, many beautiful decorations can be added to the gourds.

Birdhouse gourds are really very easy to grow and a lot of fun to decorate. Just one plant can produce 10 to 20 gourds in a nice variety of sizes and shapes. Keep in mind, though, that these are big gourds and grow on a fairly large vine, so you will need to have some space to grow them successfully. They grow quite well up a fence or arbor which would save some ground space.

Gourds are harvested in the fall after the vines have died down. They need to be stored in a dry area and left to finish drying and curing. This usually takes several months and you can tell when they are ready by shaking the gourd. If you can hear dry seeds rattling inside, they are cured and ready to be made into a birdhouse.

For more information on how to finish and decorate your gourds, visit http://www.myprairiegardenhome.com/.

For some unusual, decorated gourd birdhouses visit http://www.darlsprairiecreations.com/.

Author: Darlene Anderson

Darlene Anderson has been gardening and watching birds for many years. She grows birdhouse gourds and makes unique birdhouses on her prairie farm.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Darlene_Anderson

Grow Birdhouse Gourds

While you’re planting food and flowers in your garden, why not plant a garden craft, as well? Birdhouse Gourds or Bottle Gourds (Lagenaria siceraria) are one of the thick-skinned gourds that are mainly grown for crafts or decoration.

Bird Lovers 101: A Good House Idea!

I found out that a House Wren is nesting in the gourd. It has a very creative idea for its bird house! It is built by fine sticks, piled on each other. There is also a hollow in the pile, where its eggs and chicks will be.

Birdhouse And Bowl Gourds

This natural birdhouse can last up to 30 years. Learn our easy technique for making birdhouses out of gourds. Purple martins will be flocking to your backyard.

Confessions Of A Compulsive Crafter

I found a few dried gourds last fall at a thrift shop and one of those happened to be a birdhouse gourd. When dried, birdhouse gourds are tough like thin plywood, and are commonly used for birdhouses and other craftiness.

About Drying Bird House Gourds

There is need to be very patient when it concerns drying bird house gourds because this process is a time consuming affair for which there are no shortcuts. It is necessary to ensure that drying bird house gourds is taken seriously.

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