Gourd Birdhouses Make Or Buy

Making Gourd Bird Houses is Fun and Easy!

Making gourd bird houses can be a fun and easy craft to do with your kids, or by yourself. You can buy dried gourds or grow your own. Whatever your preference, the end result will be a beautiful, easy way to attract the neighborhood birds.

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Gourd bird houses are made out of dried gourds, as the name implies. You can buy the gourds dried, or fresh and dry them yourself. If you’re going for a cheaper method, not that gourds cost much, you could grow your own. Just plant them in your garden and in a few months you’ll have a lovely crop of gourds to craft with, or maybe even sell to others at the farmer’s market.

To make gourd birdhouses, you first need to have all of your materials. If you’re growing your own gourds, plant them in the spring after the danger of frost is gone or, you can start the seeds earlier by planting them in pots inside the house. Try to give them plenty of room to grow and something to climb such as a trellis or fence. If they must lay on the ground, spread some hay or straw around them to cushion the fruit as it grows and prevent any flat spots from forming.

Once you have grown your gourds, dry them, cut the hole for an entrance, and rub the outer skin off. Take a spoon or something similar and scrape the seeds and materials out of the inside. You are then ready to paint your gourd birdhouses. The whole process from seed to paint can take a long time as the gourds can take anywhere from one to six months just to dry.

You can decorate your gourd birdhouse any way you want. After all, it’s your project. White is a great color for gourd bird houses since it reflects the sun. Your birds will be cooler in the summer, which is important especially in warmer climates. You can also choose to leave it natural, in which case you will need to just shellac the outside to protect it from the elements.

Your gourd should have a three to four inch stem, allowing it to be hung. Put a piece of wire through the stem right above where it is attached to the gourd. Find a tree or hang a wire between two sturdy poles, and hang your gourd bird house.

The size and distance from the ground will determine what kind of birds decide to live in your gourd bird houses. You also need to consider the size of the hole you cut for the entrance. Too small and you could end up with empty birdhouses.

Do not include a perch on your gourd bird houses. The types of birds that inhabit these little structures can fly so precisely that they will land on the ledge every time. A perch will only serve to attract predators looking to eat your new little friend or its eggs.

Crafting gourd bird houses can be fun, and a great project to bring you and your child together. You can also hang the gourds near your garden. Some birds that live in these types of homes eat small insects and bugs. They may be very helpful in keeping your garden free of pests.

Acorn Gourd Birdhouse

This unique birdhouse is made from two gourds to resemble an acorn, hangs by a leather strap, and is polyurethane sealed. Measuring approx.6"x6", it will make a unique addition to your birdhouse community.

Gourd Bird House from Peru

The techniques they practice have been redefined into creative gourd birdhouses for the modern day world.

Wren Gourd Birdhouse

All gourd birdhouses and bird feeders are one of a kind. I can never duplicate as nature is the only the one who can design these beauties.

Gourd Birdhouses On Flickr

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Aster Gourd Birdhouse

This handpainted aster design is on natural colored gourd birdhouse. This unique birdhouse hangs by a leather strap and is polyurethane sealed.

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Update: November 4th, 2009

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